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1.6 Billion

Active WhatsApp Users

65+ Billion

Messages Sent daily


Average Daily Session Per User


Instant Message Open Rate


Businesses already using WhatsApp


Top Downloaded Messaging App in the World

Create a Brand with Verified WhatsApp Business Account

As a WhatsApp Business solution provider, we can help you to get your verified Whatsapp Business account & integrate with your business to drive customer engagement through intelligent, context aware messaging.

Automate your Daily Interaction with Customers

Deliver seamless customer experience by designing & integrating conversational flows for lead generation, live chat, support, service updates, surveys, enquiries, feedback & many more with WhatsApp Smart Bot.


Manage & Analyse Chats on CRM

Manage WhatsApp users on our CRM with support of multi agents. The WhatsApp For Team feature allows a group of agaents to access Smart Bot flows & data.  See & get insights from statistical graphs of interactions with all WhatsApp Smart Bot published by agents.

Why use SaBRO Smart Bot?

Design & Integrate Conversational Bots with your Verifed WhatsApp Business Account


Easy Dialouge Flow Designer 

Automate your customer conversation with Smart Bot Dialouge Flow Designer. Unlike other WhatsApp chatbot providers, we give you full control over your bot in an easy-to-use, no-code, flow mapping that lets you update your chatbots in a matter of seconds.

Service Profiles

Engage customers with important proactive account and service updates; and provide customer self-service and support, to initiate and automate routine customer conversations with seamless agent assistance.  Smart Bot sends & receives user data  from CRM and keep your customer profiles and conversations up to date in real-time.


Human Takeover

Simplify everyday repetitive tasks & customer interactions with Smart Bot. Designe dialouge flow to have automated Bot driven conversations to engage contacts at frequent intervals.  Easily arrange for human agent takeover to solve the most complex queries or capture the hottest leads to achieve well-balanced customer experience. 

Botify your Business

One Conversational Bot For All Your Business Requirements

SaBRO - Sample 1 for three columns

Automate Customer Support

It is hard to guarantee live chat support to your visitors with a support executive round the clock. But here, a live bot beats untimely human interaction by offering support 24/7/365 prioritizing customer service over everything. An added advantage is It’s human-like behaviour and instant responses.

SaBRO - Sample 1 for three columns

Collect Feedback And Reviews

Feedback is one of the strongest management tools to help you understand how your customers perceive your business, product or services. With SaBRO , you can get deeper insights from your customers.

SaBRO - Sample 1 for three columns

Conduct Conversational Surveys

With the poll feature, you can easily ask for feedbacks from customers or employees to get to know what they think about your brand.

SaBRO - Sample 1 for three columns

Lead Generation

Advertise your WhatsApp Business number and get inquiries or leads. WhatsApp is the easiest and quickest platform to initiate conversation.

SaBRO - Sample 1 for three columns

Customer Self-Service

Engage customers with important proactive account and service updates; and provide customer self-service and support, to initiate and automate routine customer conversations with seamless agent assistance.

SaBRO - Sample 1 for three columns

Live Chat Support

Easily provide live chat support without any expensive setup and huge subscription fees with the features like quick reply, customer profile, etc.

What our Customers Say?

Companies use SaBRO to Connect to WhatsApp Business and Improve Customer Experiences


Why Businesses of All Sizes Choose SaBRO

Highly Secure

Your data is encrypted, secure at all times and fully recoverable, if inadvertently lost. All user and financial information, in addition to phone call data, is authenticated and safe on SaBRO Cloud. (We are fully GDPR compliant.) 

Faster Deployment

With SaBRO, be up and running in hours instead of months with guided implementation available at low (or no) additional cost. SaBRO takes 80-90% less time in implementation, initial configuration and user management, etc.

Easily Manageable

SaBRO offers simplified IT maintenance, managed infrastructure and central resource administration agreements backed by Service Level Agreements as part of the service contract. (SLA). 

Use any Device

The SaBRO Cloud CRM system is optimised to work on and support all types of devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, mobiles and desk phones. 

Get Lucky with early access offers!

These bonuses are ONLY available if you subscribe to WhatsApp Bot Solution during our early access launch, which ends soon when we hit our member capacity - whichever comes first.

WhatsApp Business Pricing

Simple and fair. We offer the best package for all your business needs – you can always upgrade if you need to.  Get the most out of WhatsApp, whether you're just starting out as a business or talking to millions of customers around the world.

Early Access Pricing

The essential to get the team up & running

Starting from
£6.99 /user
  •  WhatsApp Official API

  • £0.005/ session message (Pay-as-you-go)
  • £0.045/ template message (Pay-as-you-go)
  • Unlimited WhatsApp Bot Flows  
  • Multiple WhatsApp Channel
  • Rich Media Capabilities
  • End-to-end Encryption
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Pay per message based on the destination country and type of message you’re sending. Pay-as-you-go pricing makes sure you only pay for what you use.

Enroll SaBRO's "WhatsApp Bot Solution" Risk Free!

30 DAYS Money Back Guarantee.

We provide a 30 day Satisfaction Guarantee, if you have a problem with setting up or using our tool we’ll help you solve it. If we can’t solve it, or help you get the most benefit from it – we’ll give you a full refund.

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