Masked Phone Numbers

Drive personal conversations while focusing on your Customer’s Privacy. Bridge your customers with your agents without disclosing their private number.

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Secure connections

Prevent getting spammed and reach your customers with verified virtual numbers.

Operate ‘globally’

No matter where you are, connect with your customers using virtual local numbers.

Gain insights

Track & analyze call recordings of customers in real time for agent training and improvement.

Bridge the gap between agents and customer’s privacy

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Ensure customer privacy

Your customer’s phone number is never revealed during the transaction. After all, the onus of protecting the customer’s privacy falls on the business.

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In-platform transactions

Number masking is also the best way to avoid off-platform transactions thereby allowing you to monetize better.

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Agent Activity Reporting

Monitor the presence of your agents and what they are working on in real time basis like agent active time per day.

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Use phone numbers efficiently

Reduce the count of business phone numbers you need to buy. Now you can use the same phone number to bridge concurrent buyer-seller interactions.

Advantages of Masked Phone Numbers

Call Tracking

Record and analyse the conversations that your agents have with your customers, later use this to train and track their performance while gaining new customer insights.  

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Build trust and loyalty among your customers as you adhere to their privacy and heighten the chances of them opting for your services again. .

Quick Issue Resolve

Recording conversations also help you understand the issue that your customer is facing and help you resolve the conflict with a faster turnaround time. .

Operate at scale

Gain instant access to a highly scalable, collaborative, future proof, managed cloud platform with multiple ‘inbuilt’ communication tools, all with extensive features – available anywhere, anytime .

Go that extra mile to secure customer relationships

Build your brand by intelligently protecting your customers from unwanted calls