Transform your fundraising effectiveness with SaBRO Cloud

  SaBRO’s Not for profit (NFP) a multi-channel cloud platform provides the integrated online fundraising tools you need to enhance your engagement processes, improve your donor experience, and significantly increase online revenue.   

Simplified Donation Process

SaBRO’s modern dashboard is designed to simplify the overall end-to-end fundraising process for both Charity fundraisers and donors, so everything can be completed easier and faster.

As a multi-channel solution, you can quickly integrate with other web apps to provide choice and amplify engagement. 


Improve Your Donor Experience

Connect your content with SaBRO’s customizable donation pages, built specifically to convert your website visitors into donors. Whether you use them as your main fundraising portal or as landing pages for specific campaigns, these donation pages are ideal tools for raising money online.

Manage and Analyse Donor Data

The intuitive interface makes it easy for staff or volunteers to learn to manage the donation data and the embedded CRM captures all the necessary donation data required for reference.  As all data is stored in the Cloud, it is accessible from any connected device.   (SaBRO is fully GDPR compliant.)


SaBRO Advantages

Campaign Management

SaBRO allows campaign managers within NFP organisations to manage multiple donation campaigns at the same time.  All campaigns and the steps for collecting donations are fully customisable, so planning can be as specific as required. 

Volunteer Management

Most NFP organisations face challenges in recruiting and managing a constantly changing cast of volunteers. 

Information Management

SaBRO captures and stores the contact details of all donors (with their permission under GDPR) for each NFP client, no matter which communications channel was used to donate.  Optimised to immediately identify data duplication, the SaBRO platform maintains a very high degree of donor data accuracy.

Transaction Management

All donation or payment transactions made on SaBRO’s system can be tracked and updates received in real-time by the fundraising manager. Clarity is available immediately at all times.

Online Donation


If you're providing your donors with an online giving option for the first time, SaBRO makes it simple for donors to support your cause. Our donation forms and fundraising pages provide an easy to use process to collect donations digitally. Our donation pages are optimised for all device types and sizes.  

Telephone Donation


SaBRO’s solution caters for any means of giving, including through online agents via a mobile phone (voice or text), or landline. It also allows the donor to promise a donation, make payment online later and reconcile both interactions. 

In-Person Donation


Donations, whether cash or online, can also be made in-person at any event or occasion where the NFP organisation is in attendance and captured immediately within the SaBRO CRM system. 

SaBRO keeps track of all donations collected from whatever channel, ensuring the NFP organisation retains full insight and financial control over donations and donor data. 

SaBRO Features 


Superior Reliability

Best in class uptimes of 99.94% including operator uptimes

Simple to implement

Sign up and get started in less than 30 minutes

Scale at Ease

Grow at will, expand without worrying about infrastructure

Cost effective

No spending on infrastructure, set up or maintenance

Superior Quality

Best success rates, voice quality, and reduced latency

Extensive Reporting

Easy to understand, detailed reports can be configured to be sent when required

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