Highly reliable, customisable and scalable, the SaBRO Cloud SaaS platform is designed to optimise business performance

No matter what size, the changing needs, or challenges.

  SaBRO provides digital workflows to boost employee productivity, delivering a consistent user interface and experience across multiple solutions and devices
- no matter where you are.

Business Communications

SaBRO provides secure, intelligent Omni-Channel communications across a single platform without any infrastructure or setup overheads. As data is stored safe and secure in the cloud and automatically backed up, business continuity is continually assured.  


Customer Centric CRM

Boost business efficiency with lead and sales management, free email marketing automation and integrated telephony, plus after sales support.  You can have unlimited contacts, leads, deals, quotes and invoices. Then there is free online storage for your files and documents as well as a free form and landing page builder to capture leads more easily and automatically save them to the CRM.

SaBRO • Business

Unified Business Communications Suite

.connect .communicate .collaborate

Integrated Sales & Accounting


SaBRO’s time-saving smart tools empower your business to grow. Manage sales and accounts more efficiently, in less time.  From sending quotations to receiving the online payments, SaBRO’s automated platform makes administration so much easier.  Electronic invoices, dynamic statements and intelligent reports can be created quickly, reducing time and cost.


E-Commerce Communications

SaBRO’s integrated eCommerce platform manages inventory through automatic stock adjustments, tracks sales, monitors user behaviour and provides reporting.  Dedicated customer portals with order and claims tracking help to manage data, allowing customers to download invoices and delivery orders as well as view pending shipments, all from one single location.


 We help businesses improve performance and productivity through our highly cost-effective suite of solutions. 

SaBRO Business Features 


Superior Reliability

Best in class uptimes of 99.94% including operator uptimes

Simple to implement

As SaaS based, just sign up and get started in less than 30 minutes

Scale at Ease

Grow at will, expand without worrying about infrastructure

Cost effective

No spending on infrastructure, set up or maintenance

Superior Quality

Best success rates, voice quality, and reduced latency

Extensive Reporting

Easy to understand, detailed reports can be configured to be sent when required

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