WhatsApp for Team : A shared whatsApp inbox to manage your leads & customers

How to Use WhatsApp for Team to Boost Lead Gen and Sales?

WhatsApp: the most preferred communication Channel for your business

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in existence and one of the most active mobile apps overall. And the entrepreneurial world hasn’t failed to notice. Just over a year ago, WhatsApp reached a total of over 1.5 billion monthly active users on their platform. Beyond monthly active users, WhatsApp users are extremely dedicated to the platform. There are one billion daily active users sending (currently) 65 billion messages every single day.

Here are the main reasons as to why WhatsApp is a great platform for lead generation:

1. Creating superior brand connections.

2. Connecting with customers where they already are.

3. Engaging globally.

4. Championing two-sided conversations.

5. Messaging privately and securely.

How "WhatsApp for Team" helps your business?

Millions of businesses around the world use WhatsApp for lead generation and quick customer communication. But without an easy way to share these messages between teammates, most businesses juggle multiple devices to try to keep up — or don't offer WhatsApp support at all.

1. Collaborate on WhatsApp messages with your team

SaBRO makes working with your team to answer WhatsApp messages simple. With message assignments, you have clear visibility into what’s been handled and what needs a reply — even when your team works on a rotating schedule. If one teammate takes over halfway through a conversation with a customer, they have the complete thread history to get all the context they need to reply.
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2. Respond faster and delight your customers

Handling hundreds — or thousands — of messages every day? SaBRO’s powerful rules engine can prioritize WhatsApp messages automatically to help your team stay on top of the queue. Set up a rule to auto-reply when you’re offline, or tag and assign client messages to the right rep automatically. SaBRO takes care of the routing for you, so you can focus on your customers.

3. Send notifications as WhatsApp messages

SaBRO's integrated CRM can send relevant notifications as WhatsApp messages to consumers on their iOS and Android smartphones. What’s different about SaBRO is that if customer support is needed based on your WhatsApp Business notification, customers can simply reply to your WhatsApp message instead of having to change channels and call a voice agent. The agent will see not just the customer’s WhatsApp message but also the original notification in a single conversation view.

Let the team members view and respond to the messages you received from customers so that you will not miss a single conversation from your client. Know more about SaBRO's WhatsAPP for Team advantages and the way it can increase your team productivity.

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