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What is SaBRO Cloud?

A highly secure, integrated Software as a service (SaaS) business management system, providing cloud computing and communications services designed for small to medium organisations - all in one platform.

Transform how your business operates

Gain instant access to a highly scalable, collaborative, future proof, managed Cloud platform with multiple ‘inbuilt’ communication tools, all with extensive features – available anywhere, anytime.

Flexible, fast to implement, lower costs  

SaBRO Cloud is very customisable, intuitive; quick and easy to deploy. With no capital expenditure or hardware needed, it is on-demand, you only pay for what you use.


Designed for all businesses and accessible from anywhere, anytime.


Stay Connected

As SaaS based, with SaBRO you can communicate easily from anywhere with colleagues and customers, access documents, manage projects, using a centralized platform that fits in your pocket. Guaranteed 24/7 with 99.9% availability.

Better Business collaboration

SaBRO inbuilt business tools enhance internal and external communication in seconds, across multiple devices, with seamless integration between all business applications and telephony. 

Managing Your Business  

Boost performance and increase productivity with ease. With specifically designed add-on applications for e.g. fundraising, accounting and law firm management, can be enabled at the click of a button.

Saving you Money and Space  

With no capital expenditure or on-premises hardware Infrastructure, backup facilities or IT staff needed, you pay for what you need, as you use it. Payment plans can be provided to suit, whether that is per seat, subscription or “pay as you go.” 

Next-Generation intelligent communications

The future-proof Telephony Service for Your Business

Connect your teams on a very adaptable VoIP platform that powers voice, video and messaging. As your business requirements change, your business phone system can be quickly adapted to suit.

Rapid Deployment

As SaaS based, no on-premises infrastructure is needed, your telephony service can be set up in less than 30 minutes - with all the features you’ll need, including multi-level IVR, call recording, call routing and queueing, call analytics and international numbers etc.

A highly versatile Solution   

Cloud-based telephony systems have extensive service options, features and functionality.  Home working, hot desking and variable working hours can all be accommodated through ’one number anywhere’ call forwarding, enabling employee workspace freedom. 

Support your Customers from One Platform   

Remove wasteful overheads. SaBRO’s multi-channel system automates employee collaboration and is accessible with an internet connection from any device. For smaller businesses, features are available that historically would only be found in large corporate 


Why Businesses of All Sizes Choose SaBRO


Use any Device

The SaBRO Cloud phone system is optimised to work on and support all types of devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, mobiles and desk phones. 

Highly Secure

Your data is encrypted, secure at all times and fully recoverable, if inadvertently lost. All user and financial information, in addition to phone call data, is authenticated and safe on SaBRO Cloud. (We are fully GDPR compliant.) 

Faster Deployment

With SaBRO, be up and running in hours instead of months with guided implementation available at low (or no) additional cost. SaBRO takes 80-90% less time in implementation, initial configuration and user management, etc.

Easily Manageable

SaBRO offers simplified IT maintenance, managed infrastructure and central resource administration agreements backed by Service Level Agreements as part of the service contract. (SLA). 

Scalable Infrastructure

SaBRO provides seamless scalability, whether you have one or many hundreds of employees. As SaaS Cloud-based, capacity can be increased or decreased in scale as required to suit the business.

Future Proof

SaBRO provides regular software updates (including security), system upgrades and new releases automatically and inclusively within your service fee and operational costs are significantly reduced. 

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